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Why Choose Locagroup

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There are a number of key reasons for choosing Locagroup to build your next project:

  • Quality Assurance: It is mandatory in each of our projects that our supervisors utilize our quality assurance and management systems, which have been built up through many years of construction experience.
  • Safety management systems: Through our director’s’ many years of experience in constructing various types of projects, from commercial to government, from industrial to residential, we have successfully built a safety management system that enables us to continue our record of zero ‘Lost Time Injuries’.
  • Involvement: Our directors are intimately involved in all stages of each project, from inception to practical completion. Furthermore, each of our projects have an allocated supervisor.
  • Collaboration: Close professional collaborations across various building disciplines, including: engineering consultants, architects, interior designers and certifiers, are key to our success.
  • Management Systems: From project establishment all the way through to practical completion, we have management systems in place to allow a clear, concise and smooth build and report process that involves all consultants and clients.
  • Environmental management systems: We have environmental management systems in place which strictly control how we interact with our surroundings and the nature of each site. From mandatory erosion and sediment control measures to completion disestablishment, we leave our completed sites with as little disturbance to the environment as possible.

Reputation: Built on trust, reliability and high standards of workmanship using only qualified and licensed tradesmen.